Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did I receive an initial payment?

    Awards were provided to class members who were insured by State Farm and had non-OEM crash parts installed on or specified for their vehicles (or received compensation based on the value of those parts) between July 28, 1987, and February 24, 1998.

  2. Why did I receive another payment/check?

    The Court determined that it was economically feasible to make a further distribution to the Class using uncashed awards from the initial disbursement.

  3. Why didn’t I receive a second award?

    If you were sent an initial award payment in this Settlement but did not cash that award, you were not eligible for a second award.

  4. Can I get my supplemental/second award reissued?

    You may request reissue on this website by clicking here, or by writing to the following address:

    Hale v. State Farm Class Action Administrator
    P.O. Box 5053
    Portland, OR 97208-5053

    Please note that if you are requesting a name change along with a check reissue, your request must be sent in writing to the above address and must include a copy of documentation supporting the name change. For instance, if the check recipient is deceased, examples of documentation include a copy of a death certificate or a documented obituary.

  5. Can I get my initial award reissued?

    Initial awards were disbursed in 2019. The opportunity to negotiate an initial award has passed and all un-negotiated initial awards have been reallocated for supplemental awards.

  6. How were second/supplemental award amounts determined?

    Your supplemental award is your share of the supplemental Net Settlement Fund. Supplemental awards were determined by dividing uncashed checks from the initial disbursement by the number of class members eligible for a second disbursement. All eligible class members were calculated to receive the same supplemental award amount.

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